Life Coaching

Next steps

In your life or in your work you sometimes come to a point where you think you have reached your limits. You wonder if you really do justice to it. Sometimes you reach that point because you are confronted with certain circumstances or with limits to your own abilities. You may feel like you are stuck not knowing how to get moving again. You may be very strong in some areas of your life, while in other areas of your life you may feel vulnerable.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason is. The point is that things can be done differently. That you can make more of your life than you do now. Coaching, and in particular life coaching, can offer a solution for taking those next steps.

With a life coach

How can a coach help? For example, by researching what your experience actually is and how you experience it. We use your experiences, observations and perceptions of them as a starting point for movement and development. My life coaching is therefore solution-oriented: looking through the lens of today at the possibilities of tomorrow. And take the steps to develop and realize those possibilities.

Coach approach

With your coaching question as a starting point, you take steps to deal more skillfully with what is coming your way. You develop a more fluid interaction between yourself and your immediate environment. You learn to deal more flexibly and powerfully with difficult circumstances, new possibilities and unknown situations.

One of the most striking results of my approach is that you will use all your skills much more effectively. At home, at work and in all the circumstances that life offers you

Coach themes

Life Coaching voor individueel werk

Themes that are discussed often have to do with:

  • Where do you experience satisfaction in your life, what does this mean for you?
  • Where and how do you experience flow and how do you deal with yourself when this is missing?
  • Does everything have to be perfect and can you also fail?
  • Do you procrastinate? How do you sabotage yourself?
  • Can your experience, both positive and negative, be real?
  • How do you learn from both the ups and downs in your life and how do you integrate those experiences?

Life coach Work locations

I work from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Bussum, Eemnes, Bilthoven and Arnhem, Velp or Nijmegen. However, if there is a suitable one in your area, we can also meet there. We always work from a great coach location!