On-Line Communication Central

E-coaching is a form of coaching in which coach and client are not in close proximity to each other. We use all kinds of online communication tools such as video calling (skype or facetime), chat, SMS, email or other apps. E-coaching can be used in addition to regular life or relationship coaching, or in an e-health context. An additional advantage is that support can become time independent by using e-mail. After all, we can both determine ourselves when messages are viewed and answered. Especially when the distances are great, coaching with Skype, SMS and e-mail support offers a solution.

E-Coaching: Ideal For Companies And Organizations

Now that almost everyone uses the internet and all kinds of communication apps, it is possible to tackle the guidance and development of employees effectively and efficiently via e-coaching. The use of online means of communication makes it possible to maximize the self-management and empowerment of employees.
Another advantage is that it also offers opportunities for learning “in real and relevant (work) situations”.

As a certified co-active coach (CPCC) I have an extensive range of skills to use these resources in such a way without compromising the sense of connection.


If you have a login code for a Zoom session, you can log in via the zoom link