Relationship Coach – Relationship and Conversation


Where habits and depth can flow together No one knows you as well as your partner knows you. And because you know each other so well, you also get along more and more easily and fixed patterns and habits get more and more place in your relationship. And so, for example, a distance can grow from each other that you … Read more

Life Coach – Meditation Exercise

meditatie shamata

Shamatha Meditation Exercise  Shamatha meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on working with your attention. Shamatha is also called ‘calm abiding’ meditation, is a meditation that works with your attention, a mindfulness meditation.  A nice instruction is given in the video by David Nichtern (see also: ) Attitude Before you start a meditation it is good to be aware of … Read more

Life Coach – Defining boundaries


How to set your boundaries is one of the most common questions that private and business clients come up with. What are these ‘boundaries’, and why do women in particular often find it so difficult to guard them? Sometimes the way you deal with your boundaries can stand between you and fulfilling your ambition or business success. This way you can have the … Read more



This yoga breathing exercise (or pranayama which in Sanskrit means “Breath Control”) helps you to breathe more slowly. It also gives greater mental clarity and brings balance to your energy. In the here and now it calms down and makes you more confident. High (Chest) Breathing In the current time of excitement and performance, it often happens that people breathe very high … Read more

Life Coach – Limiting thoughts


Everyone knows those thoughts. Thoughts that run through your mind when you want to do something you’ve never done before. Or if you take a step towards achieving something that you really want. And sometimes these thoughts keep bringing you back to the known, the old. Limiting thoughts … the saboteurs of our lives. Fortunately you can develop, and learn how to deal with … Read more

Life Coach – Laughter, an exercise


Laughing Is Healthy Laughing is a way to forget your worries for a while. When you laugh uninhibitedly, the thoughts and worry stop, allowing you to relax completely. The moment you smile, you also feel better because endorphins are created when you laugh. Endorphins are signaling molecules that transfer information from one cell to another. The information from the endorphins consists of pain relief … Read more



“A story is like a relationship that you develop between who you are, or who you potentially can be, and the world of infinite possibilities,” says playwright Shekhar Kapur in his TED Talk. “The world is endless and you, you can actually be anything you believe you can be.” Influence Of The Story Few things have a greater impact on your … Read more

Life Coach – Out of your story


Is the opportunity to step out of your own often well-known story with support and critical questions, and to look at it from a different perspective with renewed insights. Such a different perspective emerges, for example, in the words of poet Muriel Rukeyser : “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms”. When you tell your story, it is sometimes useful if … Read more