Job coach – executive coaching

Work differently or different work


Regularly wondering how you experience your work provides room for development and satisfaction. Career guidance also offers the opportunity to adjust your career, to provide it with a new impulse or even to change it drastically.

You may also feel that you are getting stuck in your current work or with colleagues, and that you want to change.
Or do you experience too much stress and feel that you can run into a burnout.

Within career guidance you will gain essential insights about work. You research what you find important in your work, what inspires and drives you, and whether your skills match your work. If you need new skills to further develop yourself professionally, then you map them out and take the steps with your career coach to master them and apply them in practice.


Working in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex means that people also experience this complexity within their work and when changing or looking for a new job.

Activities undertaken with a job coach consist of utilizing opportunities, developing / training skills and expanding knowledge, utilizing the social network, applying for jobs, and dealing with work-related stress. Trial placement can be facilitated where necessary.

For the employer, job coaching can be a strategic partner in creating clear roles and responsibilities.

Career and job coaching can also be used effectively within an outplacement process.

Work Coach Locations

I work from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Bussum, Eemnes, Bilthoven and Arnhem, Velp or Nijmegen. However, if there is a suitable one in your area, we can also meet there. We always work from a great coach location!