“Sanne is a wise, friendly and clear coach. I had a great time working with her. She’s not going to get away with it, so you’re guaranteed to run into yourself. But she also gives you the space to discover everything for yourself. She has a lot of life experience so there is an example to give for every situation. In short, thanks to her I started to look at certain things differently and I grant that to someone else.” Director, Filmmaker & 2D Animator, September 2020

“Sanne has an effective and fine way of coaching. She was able to match exactly what I needed, which made me feel supported and challenged and the coaching process paid off. It has given me insight and space to take the next steps. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!” Counselor, coach and therapist , August 2020.

“Sanne is a hyper intelligent and very sensitive woman. It’s nice to be coached by her. Her sessions are effective and purposeful. She’s used to dealing with beta thinkers and techies.” DGA, scaffold engineer, life coaching, September 2018

“I have experienced the coaching as a shift in my perspectives. By looking differently, being included in your reflections and methodologies, I have broken through personal barriers. Very nice!” Consultant, life coaching, February 2016

“We were in a big relationship crisis that led us to Sanne. Through Sanne’s clear methods we have learned to think not only from ourselves, but especially from the other. Because of this, we started to understand each other again, and things suddenly became a lot less black and white. Because of this insight, and a lot of help from Sanne in the field of communication, we are happy together again and enjoy life and each other again!” Clients, relationship coaching, August 2014

“Thank you so much, couldn’t have made it without you!”.. life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain…(Vivian Greene)” Senior advisor, life coaching, March 2013

“Sanne combines very deep softness and insight with a clear inviting start to action. She likes acceleration and that has helped me a lot.”Client, relationship coaching, January 2011

“In life you learn to talk, write, arithmetic, a profession and all of which are no longer. For this purpose, all kinds of institutes have been set up within society where you can increase your knowledge. The only thing you don’t learn is life itself and how to deal with ups and downs in your life. Coaching is for me a gift that everyone should give themselves to make that step in your life that makes your life a little easier and allows you to overcome these ups and downs.”Business client, business coaching, May 2010

“Sanne’s coaching is very special. The peace, time and space you get to come to (new) insights under the guidance of her expertise is very nice! I am very grateful to Sanne for her continuous, very professional coaching, to the path I have now come to and where I have (found) my confidence and energy again!” Client, life coaching, October 2009

“Sanne is a life coach as you wish it should be. She works with co-active coaching and has helped me to become aware of what are the most important values for me and how I can live them. My attitude to life is full of confidence and focused. Thank you Sanne.” Coach, life coaching, January 2008

“Thanks to Sanne, I am once again aware of the wonderful things in life and how to enjoy them!” Client, life coaching, September 2008

“Sanne is a great and inspiring coach. Original, full of love and with an effective approach..” Trainer, life coaching, April 2008

“Sanne Bruijne is probably one of the best in her field, if not the best. She combines her impressive lifelong expertise with great professionalism, integrity, dedication and genuine goodness. I really hope to have the pleasure of working with her many times over!” Lawyer, life coaching. relationship coaching, November 2007