making more of it

‘ Mind your Change and Change your Mind ‘

To give your personal development a boost (life coaching or relationship coaching), or for your work (executive coaching, job coaching or career guidance). There may be several reasons why you are considering coaching. The essence of it is that you want to make more of your life or work than you are experiencing right now. You are looking for a coach in your area who can also work with you on-line should circumstances demand.

Life coach

Life coaching is about realizing your potential and being aware of, and learning how to deal with obstacles that may be holding you back.

Obstacles like not being able to deal effectively with stress, communication problems, dealing with (in) security or the (un)predictability of life in general. 

Old (thinking and / or behavioral) patterns can get in the way, making it hard to develop and evolve to your full potential.

How can a coach help? For example, by having another, professional perspective on your experiences. Having someone there who has the tools, methodology and a long time professional coaching experience for support, guidance and reflection. 

couples coach

Beyond the right of  one and the right of the other, there is a field where you both can meet

Couples coach - realtionship coach

Within relationship or couples coaching you not only get (more) clarity what the essential problem is. We will work on how you communicate and connect in your relationship. Relationship aspects we will investigate are: the way you communicate, intimacy, relationship identity, old relational patterns, and also the desires and dreams within your relationship.

We may work in subsequent sessions, some shorter, some longer sessions. We work with what is needed to bring happiness and satisfaction back into your relationship.

Career- or job coach

Coaching for work:  jobcoach and  career coach

Regularly wondering how you experience your work gives room for development and job satisfaction. 

However you may well experience too much stress or feel that you could easily run into a burnout. 

Working in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex does mean that people experience this complexity also within their work, or when changing and looking for a new job.

With a jobcoach you get the opportunity to adjust your career, providing it with a new impulse or even to drastically change your professional course.