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Life Coach – Relatie Coach


Life and relationships coaching

You are considering to get a coach. Maybe because you’re dealing with difficult situations in life, or maybe you’re aiming for excellence. Or you just want someone to check-in with,...

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Charles Tart – Self Observation

Charles Tart “We are seriously cut-off from the world around us” Self observation Countless factors can mitigate against self-observation in Western society. Charles Tart, Ph.D., noted psychologist and author...

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George Bateson

George Bateson – the Pattern that Connects Gregory Bateson was een Brits antropoloog, sociaal wetenschapper, linguïst en visueel antropoloog.  Zijn bekendste werk is het boek Steps to an Ecology of...

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Life coach dicht bij je vanuit de regio's Amsterdam, Utrecht,'t Gooi, Leiden en Arnhem en Nijmegen

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Carl Jung speaks about Death

Carl Jung speaks about Death “I have often been asked what I believe about death, that unproblematical ending of individual existence. Death is known to us simply as the...

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