Life Coach in Amsterdam

With A Life CoaCh from Amsterdam

Mind your change and change your mind

How can a life coach help you to change? For example, by researching your experiences together with you. We use your experiences, perceptions and experience of them as a starting point for movement towards more satisfaction and further development.

My life coaching is about reaching your potential and making you aware of, and learning to deal with, the obstacles that can stand in the way. My life coaching is therefore mainly solution-oriented work: looking through the lens of today at the possibilities of tomorrow. And take the steps to develop and realize those possibilities.


From years of experience in coaching, I have started to work more and more from an approach in which you get more and more insight into how you deal with certain situations and experiences.

With attention to your own process, you then deal more skilfully with what comes around you and a more fluid interaction arises between yourself and your immediate environment. You deal more flexibly and more forcefully with difficult circumstances, new possibilities and unknown situations. One of the most striking results of my approach is that it will make you use your skills, your old and your new ones much more effectively. At home, at work and in all the circumstances that life offers you.

Coach themes

Life Coaching for individual work

Themes that are discussed often have to do with:

  • Where do you experience your life satisfaction, what does this mean for you?
  • Where and how do you experience flow and how do you deal with yourself when this is missing?
  • Does everything have to be perfect and can you also fail?
  • Are you putting things off? How do you sabotage yourself?
  • Can your experience, both positive and negative, really be there?
  • How do you learn from both the ups and downs in your life and how do you integrate those experiences?

Life coaching from Amsterdam

I coach and supervise near your work or where you live. In Amsterdam I coach mainly from three locations:

Life and Relationship Coaching Amsterdam Vondelpark
Coachhouse on the Van Eeghenlaan near the Vondelpark


Van Eeghenlaan 27
1071 EN Amsterdam

Life and Relationship Coaching Pand Zuid Amsterdam
Building South on the Ice Rink Path at the Olympic Stadium

South and West

StadiumIJsbaanpad 111076
CV Amsterdam

Life and Relationship Coaching Amsterdam Parent Church
Amstelstroom on the Kerkstraat in Ouderkerk on the Amstel

South and East
Ouderkerk a.d.AmstelKerkstraat

JB Ouderkerk a.d. Amstel

Through the coach house I also have access to other Amsterdam locations such as in Buitenveldert, Amstelveen, Slotervaring, Noord, or Diemen.

Other locations

If you are interested in an introductory meeting in another location, please indicate in your application which district you prefer.