Life Coach – Laughter, an exercise

Laughing Is Healthy

Laughing is a way to forget your worries for a while. When you laugh uninhibitedly, the thoughts and worry stop, allowing you to relax completely. The moment you smile, you also feel better because endorphins are created when you laugh. Endorphins are signaling molecules that transfer information from one cell to another. The information from the endorphins consists of pain relief and a feeling of happiness or euphoria. So you feel better.

In the hectic of every day with rush and stress, there is often too little laughter. You can also just laugh at nothing. We still know that from the past when we were young. So just laugh, well just like that .. it will make you feel better after all!

Laughter therapy is a form of meditation originally from India. With this meditation you achieve mental relaxation and learn to enjoy the moment.

Laugh Exercise

In the laugh video below you can also see how contagious laughter can be. You can also use the video for your own laugh exercise. To do this, you do the following steps:

  1. Relax for a moment. Sit down and breathe in and out slowly ( see also: breathing exercise );
  2. Start with a smile and just laugh. Shake your whole body with laughter gently;
  3. Relax again. Be aware of the silence around you and how you feel.

If you do not start to laugh automatically in step 2, feel free to put on the video and let yourself be carried away by the infectious laugh….

More informion about laughter and what a life coach can do for you ? Please do not hesitate to contact me .