About Sanne Bruijne

Sanne Bruijne Life en Relatie Coaching

I facilitate personal and professional challenges, and work on an individual basis as with groups. Prior to working as a life coach, I was a leader in the field of social change and environmental conservation, working for over 20 years with various national and international NGO’s.


To my work with them I bring my learning from buddhism, mind-body work (aikido), integrative work (Hoffman process, identity work, process work), and transpersonal work (breath work).

My professional qualifications include an international certification as professional co-active coach (Certified Professional Coactive Coach, CPCC) and accreditation in 2011 with the European Coaching and Mentoring Council EMCC. I coach in both Dutch and English (proficient), and have working knowledge of French and German.

My own professional development currently brings new learning from the field of relational psychology. The interdependence and interconnectednes of life still lies at the foundation of all my work. Through it I see how people are very responsive to information from their environment, relationships as well as their internal processes, and how their relationship with themselves and with their environment flourishes.

Please contact me if you wish to receive information about my work, or about upcoming events and workshops.