Donald Hoffman on the Conscious Agent Theory

We have no idea how consciousness emerges. Cognitive scientist Don Hoffman takes us in depth with his research and suggests that we tackle the problem backwards. The implications may call into question everything you know about our place in reality. In this comprehensive interview, we explore the interface theory of perception, the ” hard problem of consciousness “, how we simply have no idea how consciousness might arise from physical matter, the theory of conscious realism, the mathematics behind the conscious agent theory, implications for artificial intelligence (AI), psychedelics, spirituality, and much, much more. Commentators call this the best interview Don Hoffman has done.

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The ‘Interface Theory of Perception’: In short, how evolution hides the truth about reality in favor of a watered-down “user interface”, which only shows us “fitness payoffs” that only help us survive.

the ‘theory of Conscious Realism’: How reality seems to be a social network of ‘conscious agents’ and our perceptions are simply the interface through which we exchange experiences with other agents.

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