Ervin Laszlo – Integral consciousness in a self-actualizing universe

Ervin Laszlo’s introductory lecture of the 1st Integral European Conference, 2014. The next conference will be held in 2016: .
Integral Consciousness in a Self-Actualizing Cosmos – professor Ervin Laszlo.

Integral consciousness in a self-actualizing universe.

Ervin László (born 1932) is a Hungarian philosopher of science. He holds a PhD from the Sorbonne and holds four honorary doctorates. He was previously professor of philosophy, systems science and futurology at various universities in the United States, Europe and the Far East. Among other things, he is concerned with systems theory and the integral approach that is currently increasingly sought after, including by Ken Wilber. He is also the founder of the Budapest Club and editor of World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution.

Akasha Field

In his book Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, László elaborates on the hypothesis that there is a field of information in which everything in the universe can be ‘read’. He compares this field – a dimension next to the physical – with the Sanskrit word for “space”: Akasha. That is why he also calls this field with the English term: “Akashic field”, or shorten it to “A-field”. He substantiates how this hypothesis can solve various problems that emerge from quantum mechanics, in particular the aspects of ‘the non-local’ and ‘quantum entanglement’. In addition, he presents this “theory of everything” as a solution to the struggle between science and religion. According to Laszlo, the theory of everything literally touches everything and can lead to a world without, among other things: war, diseases, environmental pollution and poverty.ászló