Krishnamurti And Bohm – Dialogues

First dialogue between Krishnamurti and Bohm

Breaking the Pattern of Self-Centered Activity

This very important work offers penetrating dialogues between the great spiritual leader and the famous physicist that shed light on the fundamental nature of existence.Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm explore questions such as “why has humanity made thought so important in every aspect of life?How do you cleanse the mind of the “accumulation of time” and break the “pattern of self-centered activity”?The Ending of Time concludes with a reference to the wrong turn that humanity has taken, but does not see this as something that there is no escape from.It is claimed that humanity can fundamentally change; but this requires you to move from your limited and specific interests to the general, and eventually go even deeper into that purity of compassion, love, and intelligence that comes from thought, time, or even emptiness.

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The End of Time – dialogues

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This book is based on (video) dialogues that took place between April and September 1980 between Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm in America and England. On certain occasions, other people were present and their contributions to the discussions, unless otherwise stated, are attributed to ‘Questioner’ rather than to individuals by name.

The Ending of Time presents the fascinating conversations between two men from vastly different worlds: the respected philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti and the famous physicist David Bohm.By doing in-depth research on the brain versus the mind, the meaning of death, and an individual’s relationship with society, they debate the cause of human conflict and what we can do about it.Revolutionary insights during these discussions reveal the potential for the end of time to bring about a new beginning for humanity.


  1. The roots of psychological conflicts
  2. Cleansing the mind from the accumulation of time
  3. Why has man attached the greatest importance to thought?
  4. Breaking the pattern of self-centered activity
  5. The ground of being and the spirit of man
  6. Can insight cause a mutation of the brain cells?
  7. Death has very little meaning
  8. Can insight into another be awakened?
  9. Senility and the brain cells
  10. Cosmic Order
  11. The liberation from insight
  12. The intelligence of love
  13. The end of ‘psychological’ knowledge
  14. The spirit in the universe
  15. Can personal problems be solved and can fragmentation be ended?

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