Hedy Schleifer – How to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Connection In Relationships

Clinical psychologist and an expert in the field of relationship and relationship therapy, Hedy Schleifer.

Hedy’s life’s work has crystallized into one overarching idea. It is the idea of the three invisible connectors: the space, the bridge and the encounter.

Strengthen your relationship

When people make these three invisible connectors visible in their lives and fully embrace them, the “miracle” of connection happens. The space is the relational space “between” people. To honor that space, one must cross the bridge and bring its full and authentic presence to the world of the “other.” And by doing so, the perfect conditions are created to create a true “encounter”, a meeting of souls. Once the space is honored and the bridge is crossed, a real, nourishing and fulfilling relationship is established. In the video, she discusses how you can strengthen your marriage.

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