Eckhart Tolle – Do not respond to content

Do not respond to content by Eckhart Tolle

Do not react, act by (the action of) not having thoughts about what is happening around you, act by being silent. You have an experience, this experience does not define who you really are. Some people will try to get you to respond to polarized ideas and beliefs.

Don’t react, just observe.

Just be aware and learn to perceive what is happening around you. Allow yourself to be completely yourself in the moment. Be entirely yourself in the here and now. And observe what is happening. See what situation you’ve arrived in, and what it does to you. Now you can choose… are you going to react or do you let the situation be as it is.

Eckhart Tolle

was born in Germany. He lived with his father in Spain from the age of thirteen. Around the age of twenty he moved to England. Since he had not done a high school education, he had to take an evening course to qualify for college. He then attended the University of London and the University of Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine, he said, he experienced a “spiritual transformation” that marked the beginning of his functioning as a spiritual counselor and teacher. He then changed his name to “Eckhart”, after the 13th-century mystic Master Eckhart.[2] He currently lives in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

The Optimist: Magazine Issue: 68, July 2004 Time for now – A conversation with Eckhart Tolle

by Tijn Touber
” He ended up in a place where most people rarely or never come: the here and now. And Eckhart Tolle is determined to stay there. Because in the now there are no problems: they have everything to do with the future and the past. Tijn Touber spoke with the man who is the living proof of his words. ‘Every action that arises from the now will be exactly right.’
Beautiful article that creates a beautiful image of a special person.
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