George Bateson

George Bateson – the Pattern that Connects

Gregory Bateson was a British anthropologist, social scientist, linguist and visual anthropologist. His best-known work is the 1972 book Steps to an Ecology of Mind. He also wrote Mind and Nature (1979). Angels Fear was published posthumously in 1987.

The model of the (neuro) logical levels was devised by Gregory Bateson. It was later further developed and introduced within NLP by NLP expert Robert Dilts.

The logical levels are useful in analyzing relationships and situations. In addition, it can help in gaining insight into one’s own and other people’s model of the world. Among other things, it confirms the experiences of many people that undesirable behavior does not disappear, even if the person changes his environment. The same pattern becomes visible again over time.Everyone lives simultaneously on 6 levels (consciously and unconsciously). All levels work together and support each other. Lower levels can influence higher, higher influence the lower ones anyway, both empowering and limiting. The higher the level at which you make change, the more powerful and sustainable the effect will be. When the logical levels are in agreement, you get congruent behavior.

Gregory Bateson (May 9, 1904 – July 4, 1980)