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Griefwalker is a National Film Board of Canada feature documentary film, directed by Tim Wilson. It is a lyrical, poetic portrait of Stephen Jenkinson’s work with dying people. Filmed over a twelve year period, Griefwalker shows Jenkinson in teaching sessions with doctors and nurses, in counselling sessions with dying people and their families, and in meditative and often frank exchanges with the film’s director while paddling a birch bark canoe about the origins and consequences of his ideas for how we live and die.

Stephen Jenkinson heeft door zijn werk voor het Tronto Mount Sinai Ziekenhuis als teamhoofd van de afdeling palliatieve zorg meer dan 1000 mensen bij hun sterven begeleid. Wat hij steeds weer zegt is dat het doodgaan een proces is van grote bezorgdheid en existentiele angst, zefs bij afwezigheid van pijn. Met zijn organisatie schept hij de mogelijkheid voor mensen om het stervensproces te gaan zien als een essentieel onderdeel van het leven en een scheppend proces dat leven ook weer mogelijk maakt.

Griefwalker by Tim Wilson, National Film Board of Canada

A few of the themes appearing in the film: Where does our culture’s death phobia come from? Is there such a thing as good dying? How is it that grief could be a skill instead of an affliction? Who are the dead to us? How can seeing your life’s end be the beginning of your deep love of being alive?
Stephen Jenkinson has appeared at scores of screenings of Griefwalker across Canada and the U.S. The discussion periods which follow routinely go on for hours. It seems the film detonates a strong desire among people to talk about their experiences of death and grief, and especially to be heard by others. It is clear that a palpable feeling of isolation grows up around people’s encounters with dying in our culture, and the National Film Board and Tim Wilson have done something vital and needed in helping to make the kind of soulful, community building events that Griefwalker screenings have become.

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