Hedy Schleifer – Verbinding

Verbinding in Relaties

Clinical psychologist and a couple and relationship therapy expert, Hedy Schleifer.

Hedy’s life’s work has crystalized into one single overarching idea. It is the idea of the three invisible connectors: the space, the bridge and the encounter.

Versterk je relatie

When people make these three invisible connectors visible in their lives, and embrace them fully, the “miracle” of connection happens. The space is the relational space “between” people. In order to honor that space, one must cross the bridge, and bring one’s full and authentic presence to the world of the “other”. And in doing so, the perfect conditions are established to create a true “meeting”, an encounter of the souls.

Once the space has been honored, and the bridge has been crossed, a genuine, nourishing and fulfilling relationship is established.

In the video she addresses how you can strengthen your marriage.

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