E-coaching is wonderful addition to regular coaching siince both you (client) and I (e-coach) can be miles apart. As e-coach I use skype, FaceTime, chat , sms, email or and other app that adds value to the coaching. E-coaching can be used next to regulair life coaching or relationship coaching. An additional advantage is that the coaching becomes time-independent through … Lees meer

Life coaching: Individual work

In life or work we sometimes come to a point when we think we may have reached our maximum. We may feel stuck or stressed out. Asking ourselves if we really live life to our fulliest of possibilities. Or we just long for life to slow down. The focus here may lie on work, or on our relationship with our … Lees meer

Life and relationships coaching

You are considering to get a coach. Maybe because you’re dealing with difficult situations in life, or maybe you’re aiming for excellence. Or you just want someone to check-in with, examining choices and your experiences. In life, work or your relationships. Developing possibilities Sometimes there may even be a deeper cause why old patterns and habits again and again surface. Whatever … Lees meer

Outplacement – de tussenruimte

De Tussenruimte biedt een geheel nieuwe vorm van outplacement aan, die ondernemerschap en initiatief stimuleert en self-placement is gaan heten.  Onder professionele begeleiding en samen met andere deelnemers zet men actieve stappen naar nieuw werk. We gebruiken een vaste locatie als uitvalsbasis. Dit wordt een concrete plaats waar mensen in een gelijkaardige tussensituatie individueel, én samen met anderen, hun mogelijkheden … Lees meer